Since its launch in 2015, InDyNet is a network of scientists studying temporal changes in biological invasions and their impacts. Most current members are from Europe, but we also have members from North America and other continents. Anyone interested in joining InDyNet is very welcome to check out this website and get in touch.

Steering Committee

  1. Jonathan Jeschke (InDyNet Founder), Berlin, Germany
  2. Florian Ruland (InDyNet Founder), Berlin, Germany
  3. Franz Essl, Vienna, Austria
  4. Tina Heger, Berlin, Germany
  5. Ivan Jarić, Paris, France
  6. Aileen Mill, Newcastle, UK
  7. Hanno Seebens, Gießen, Germany
  8. Menja von Schmalensee, Stykkishólmur, Iceland


Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG; JE 288/8-1)

InDyNet Members at the InDyNet workshop 2022 in Berlin
Picture from joint AlienScenarios-InvasiBES-InDyNet workshop in Berlin, November 2022
Photos from other InDyNet meetings:
Workshop on the dynamics of biotic resistance to plant invasions in Stuttgart, March 2024
Picture from joint Alien CSI-InDyNet workshop in Pruhonice, February 2020
Picture taken at the third InDyNet workshop in Berlin, March 2018.
Picture from second InDyNet workshop in Berlin, November 2016
Picture from first InDyNet workshop in Berlin, February 2015

Funded and coordinated by

Freie Universität Berlin Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries